Election Recycling: So Did You Miss Me Edition

it's sort of sad when he tries to smile Campaigns confront implications of terror warning. Dean hints that terror alerts are Bush's "trump card," White House indignant, KE04 says "You have to take them at their word." Schumer: "I think this is one of the sleeper issues of this campaign. It's one where Kerry can show strength and at the same time show that this administration hasn't really thought through the war on terror." [NYT]

Kerry promises to reduce U.S. military presence in Iraq during first term, though offers no details or plans: "I know that as president there's huge leverage that will be available to me, enormous cards to play, and I'm not going to play them in public." [WP, LAT]

Bush, Kerry tour battleground states seeking local media and swing voters. Anti-Kerry signs include "Pro-life for a hamster but not for a baby" and "Ben Affleck's greatest hits. Gigli. Daredevil. Kerry-Edwards." [NYT, LAT, USAT, WSJ, BG]

Kerry's speech showed his confidence on economic issue. Luntz: "I'm shocked that a Democrat would do as well as Kerry did on national security. This is a brand-new campaign. In certain ways, Bush is now the underdog." [LAT]

Bush's tough talk on terrorism well-received. [USAT]

USAT/CNN/Gallup registers no bump for Kerry; Newsweek poll shows Kerry up, 49-42. [USAT]

KE04 release book of plans for their administration. [BG]

Nader to stay in race, claims convention was "repressed conformity in order to create the show." Dean, Roy Neel to target Nader voters. Moore, Maher plead on-air for him to dropout. Nader: "Who cares about the legacy? Are they going to tear out seat belts from cars? We're looking to the future." Huffington: "My main message is that when your house is on fire, it's not time to talk about remodeling. First you put the fire out." [NYT]

Powell testifies in Valerie Plame investigation. [WP]

Kerry's sister questioned by antiabortion group for denouncing Bush policies while working for the administration's UN mission. [WP]

Unions united for Kerry but torn internally. [NYT]

Jewish supporters enter swing states to help Kerry. [BG]

Fox News executives see convention schedule as counterprogramming. O'Reilly: "The 'Factor' is not an infomercial. The decision was made to stick with the format, unless it's a dramatic situation." Hume: "I don't know if that was the right call or not." [WP]

"Most important" election phrase overused. "But this year we really mean it," said Sierra flack in 2000. [LAT][AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac]


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