Election Recycling: "So Petty, So Sad, So Political" Edition

goddamn_i_love_this_big_flag Historic measures split on who wins in November. Former RNC chair: "The most confusing election of any I've ever seen." [USAT]

Kerry seeks unity with NATO: "In light of the failed diplomacy of the Bush administration, that reluctance is not surprising. But now is the time that our allies must join the effort to support Iraq's transition." [WP]

Kerry criticizes Bush, vows to "give the power back to patients and to doctors and to nurses to decide people's fates" with patients' bill of rights. Bush camp blames Kerry for blocking bill. [NYT and LAT]

Kerry fights pessimist label, calls attention to GOP's maneuvering in the Senate: ''These people are so petty, so sad, so political, all they could do was spend the whole day finding a way not to let John Kerry vote." [BG]

ACT employed convicted felons for door-to-door registration drives. [LAT]

Laura Bush stumps for husband. Mehlman: "She's an incredible asset. She's knowledgeable, sincere and articulate, and the voters love it." [WSJ]

Democrats attempt to keep Nader off Arizona ballot; Nader threatens to "concentrate only on the close states." [WP]

Planned line for Bush to respond to "Fahrenheit 9/11": "To take it on would give it too much credibility." [WP]

Nader encourages Kerry to pick Edwards. Campaign responds: "We appreciate every suggestion." [LAT]

Clinton-mania unlikely to affect race. [LAT]

Schwarzenegger on Republican convention: "If they're smart, they'll have me obviously in prime time." [NYT]



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