Election Recycling: So Sick of Those Damn DNC "Mission Not Accomplished" Emails Edition

uhm, yeah Convention will showcase Bush as war leader. McCain, Giuliani to talk of 9/11. [WP, NYT, USAT]

200,000 demonstrators hit the streets in celebratory mood; 1,000 flag-draped boxes as coffins. [WP, WP, NYT, NYT, LAT]

BC04 heavily focused on turnout of Christian base, not swing vote. [WSJ, BG]

Bush encourages supporters to persuade Dems, independents; convention speech said to be "evolutionary rather than revolutionary." [WP, LAT, WSJ]

Bush in his own words: goals versus achievements. [USAT]

Gallup poll shows Kerry slips in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. [USAT]

Kerry would offer ultimatum for Iran, says Edwards. [WP, NYT]

Undecided voters desperate for specifics, according to poll. [LAT]

Campaigns focus on local issues important to swing states. [WP]

Perception of Bush's leadership style varies along party lines: impatient, simplistic, arrogant versus decisive, steadfast, determined. [WP]

McCain turns 68, won't look back in anger; writes "not yet" regarding 2008 run. [WP, LAT]

Log Cabin Republicans honor Pataki, Specter, Bloomberg, say GOP has been "hijacked by the radical right." [WP, LAT, LAT]

Gay advocates disappointed by Mary Cheney, her father's closest confidante; groups to run TV spot featuring vice president's comments. [NYT, NYT]

Clintons on the offensive. Hillary: "Smear" campaign "goes to the heart of their pathetic campaign." [NYT, LAT, WT]

DNC line: "Mission not accomplished." [USAT]

Matthew Dowd plays expectations game, predicts win barring economic downturn or "some huge undercutting on strength." [NYT]

History says a Bush win could do him harm, writes Brownstein. [LAT]

Bloomberg behaving as "father of the bride." [NYT, LAT]

Schwarzenegger seeks credibility, inclusion, image as political leader; Shriver will be spectator. [NYT, LAT, LAT]

Those looking towards 2008 skirt the issue; Cheney's poor health provides a clear shot. [NYT, WSJ]

GOP in gray area, careful of overstepping on 9/11. [USAT]

Some African-Americans complain about whiteness of convention speakers list. [NYT]

Police restraint praised as effective by protest advocates. [NYT]

Kerry rests in Nantucket. [USAT]

Financial firms ring in BC04. [WP]

BackToTheMainstream.org seeks to be moderate conservatives' answer to MoveOn.org. [WSJ]

Schedules of convention coverage. [WP, NYT]

[Mike Segar/Reuters]


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