Election Recycling: Something Interesting to Put There Edition

my_war_didnt_go_so_well Kerry, Edwards kick off four-day tour with optimistic rhetoric; talk of restoring values, raising middle class. Campaign official: Edwards "gives us the option to talk to voters who the party has sometimes taken for granted." [WP, NYT, NYT, LAT, WT, BG, BG]

Bush implies Edwards not fit for presidency, blames Kerry, Edwards for delaying judicial confirmations, says he will win North Carolina again; Republicans cite inexperience. McConnell: "He may have left some footprints on the beaches of North Carolina, but you couldn't find any on the floor of the Senate." [WP, WSJ, NYT, NYT, LAT, WT, USAT]

Kerry-Edwards roll out six new ads to connect with ordinary people; first foray in North Carolina. Professor: "Kerry clearly wants to piggyback on Edwards's high popularity and add some pizzazz to his advertising... He'll lose if he doesn't come across in an empathetic manner, and unemployed workers is a great way to get that across. Most people have jobs, but everyone knows someone who is unemployed or underemployed." [WP]

Analysts wonder how far Kerry-Edwards populism will go. [LAT]

Business leaders see "red flag" in Edwards' history as a trial lawyer. [LAT]

D'Amato calls for Powell or McCain to replace Cheney. [NYT]

Edwards brings strong financial support from attorneys. [WP]

Elizabeth Edwards described as Nancy, Barbara, Hillary in one. Axelrod: "She was very involved in the process and that she had a very strong proprietary sense of how John Edwards was going to be presented." [NYT]

Edwards' appeal in the South unknown. [BG]

Voters generally receptive to Edwards. [NYT]

Parties raise over $100 million for conventions, twice that of 2000. [WP, NYT]

Cheney knew of doctor's addiction; relapse went unnoticed. [WP]

Officials concerned about terrorist attack around the election. [WP]

Bush, Kerry have different approaches to expand health care. [WSJ]

Bush ad featuring McCain and Kerry-Edwards ad designed portray buddy system. [NYT, NYT]

Association of Trial Lawyers of America befriend Republicans with ability to outmaneuver; new bill to limit class-action lawsuits introduced yesterday. DeLay: "Senator Edwards, call your office." [WSJ, WT, BG]

Airline mechanic posted Kerry-Edwards on message board Monday night: "I thought it would be something interesting to put on there." [LAT]

[AFP/Paul J. Richards]


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