Election Recycling: That's Legit Edition

pinheadBush says Kerry is "living in the past" for not fully supporting missile defense; Kerry advisor responds Bush is "preoccupied" with the system. [WP, LAT, BG]

Kerry, echoing McCain, calls MoveOn ad about Bush's military service "inappropriate." [WP, LAT]

Many conservatives feel snubbed by prominence of moderate Republicans; most convention speakers disagree with Bush on guns, gay marriage, and abortion. [LAT]

Kerry to address American Legion gathering during Republican convention. [NYT]

Kerry denies claim he wasn't in Cambodia. [BG]

Clark says troop redeployment will harm security, weaken alliances. [BG]

In some states, No Child Left Behind has backfired, causing a political backlash. Critics complain of the adoption of lower standards, strict guidelines, standardized tests, little advice, [NYT]

Economic concerns continue, confidence stalls. [USAT]

Impact of early voting unclear; one third of voters estimated to vote before election day. [WSJ]

Kerry's impromptu remarks praised. "That's legit. That's cool," said one supporter. [WP]

Nader voters persistent in fight. [BG]

[AFP/Luke Frazza]


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