Election Recycling: That's Reckless Edition

helllllooooo cleveland Rice's testimony may position her for a Cabinet post if Bush is reelected; Rumsfeld, Powell expected to leave. [LAT]

9/11 chairmen say attacks were preventable if dots were connected; Rice to be questioned for 2 1/2 hours. [NYT and WP]

Campaign dynamic may have changed following jobs report and negative ads. Professor: "If the job creation number turns back to a more typical trend line of the last three years, the Kerry campaign still has a strong and viable issue to push forward. If it's the start of an economic boom, the Kerry campaign is grievously wounded." [LAT]

Kerry paints Bush as fiscally irresponsible. "In public, this president professes to be a fiscal conservative. But in truth, he has pushed $6 trillion in new spending without ever paying for a penny of it. That's reckless, and it's the American people who will pay in the end," said an economic advisor to Kerry. [NYT and USAT]

Record donations to campaigns under new rules; RNC has $54 million on hand, Kerry raises $1 million a day online. [WSJ]

Bush ads appear to be working in Missouri. [USAT]

Ashcroft is used carefully by both sides to generate support. [WSJ]

Patriot Act is controversial among Bush voters. [WT]

Bush often has a "low-energy approach" when getting proposals through Congress. "There are a lot of instances where they make a political point when they don't want to push it legislatively," said House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.). [WP]

Bush has altered his position on patients' rights. "The big story is the total flip-flop here," said a professor. [WP]

Kerry has lost strength on education reform, says Brownstein. [LAT]

Bush will outline job-training initiative. [LAT and USAT]

Kerry's decision on Easter church-going has political consequences. [WT]

Alexandra Pelosi: "I genuinely believe that there's no such thing as an honest moment in these primaries. Now it's a reality television show. There's never an off-the-record moment, [so] all the candidates became caricatures of their made-for-TV-persona. Everything is being shot and everything that's shot is being talked about." [LAT]

Carl Cameron: "Here's Carl Cameron, the kid from Fox News Channel, breaking Democratic news. . . a guy who works for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch." [WP]

[This is the first song off our new album. . . AFP/File/Luke Frazza]


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