Election Recycling: The Train Is Coming Edition

youknowwhattheysayaboutbighandsBush contemplates restructuring of intelligence services after the 9/11 report. [WP and NYT]

News conference called to calm anxiety about campaign and answer questions about 9/11, Iraq. [NYT and LAT]

Kerry steps up his attacks on Bush's Iraq policy: "Number one, maximizing the possibility of success; number two, minimizing the cost financially to the American people; number three, minimizing the risk to our soldiers, to our young men and women in uniform. I believe the president did the reverse in all three. . . We're now bearing the enormous burden of that misjudgment." [WP and NYT]

Kerry pens opinion piece on Iraq: "To be successful in Iraq, and in any war for that matter, our use of force must be tied to a political objective more complete than the ouster of a regime. To date, that has not happened in Iraq. It is time it did." [WP]

Bush calls Israel's proposed withdrawal "positive." Bush: "We both are in agreement that if Israel makes the decision to withdraw, it doesn't replace the road map. The point is, that decision doesn't replace the path toward the establishment of a Palestinian state that will provide hope for the Palestinian people and provide continuity." [WP and NYT]

Ashcroft, Reno, and Freeh scheduled to testify before 9/11 Commission today; FBI under scrutiny. [WP and NYT]

Commission requests interview with CIA analyst who wrote August 6th PDB. [WP]

Kerry visits colleges to attract youth vote, suggests tuition for service program; Bush campaign denounces Kerry's "misery index." [LAT and WT]

Some gun owners disenfranchised by Bush: "It's not just gun rights for us, it's the Bill of Rights. A lot of gun-rights advocates are from mildly upset to livid over President Bush and his administration." NRA to endorse the president. [LAT]

Kerry camp concerned Clinton's book could upstage their candidate; Clinton has been reading passages to friends. [NYT]

No evidence that early ads make a dent in the horse race. [LAT]

Nader warns of draft: "Young Americans need to know that a train is coming, and it could run over their generation in the same way that the Vietnam War devastated the lives of those who came of age in the sixties." [WT]

Cheney, in Japan: "It is important that our governments not be intimidated by threats or violence. We must not allow terrorists to change or influence the policies of our governments." [WP and NYT]

Kerry to have a $4 million night in Boston. [BG]

Jeb Bush rallies Hispanics to support his brother. [USAT]

Bush tries to revamp rent vouchers for 2 million families. Says critic, "This is not about good housing policy. This is really just about figuring out how to contribute to deficit reduction. It's much worse than last year." [WP]

[He looks almost like he's alive. AP Photo/Steven Senne]


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