Election Recycling: They're Going to Be Bored a Lot of the Time Edition

hurts_to_thinkKerry campaign makes largest ad buy in a presidential race with two 60-second biography spots designed to showcase leadership ability. [NYT and WP and LAT]

Bush rides "Yes, American Can" bus, rallying supporters around themes of national security and jobs as though it were election eve. [NYT and WP and LAT]

$1 billion could be spent on this race; "The numbers are phenomenal. Something's happening here. It's like the explosion of civic participation in fundraising," said a campaign finance expert. [LAT]

Kerry: "The security of Israel is paramount. . . We will also never expect Israel to negotiate peace without a credible [Palestinian] partner. And it is up to the United States in my judgment to do a better job of helping the Arab world to help that partner to evolve and to develop." [WP]

Bush-connected veterans criticize Kerry for releasing limited military records. [WP and LAT]

Bush administration criticized for using politics to determine secrecy. [BG]

Getting on ballots is challenge for Nader. [WT]

Dean: "My goal is to get every single one of my supporters to vote for John Kerry." [WT]

Republican convention inspires artful protests; "There's going to be 15,000 journalists of various kinds in New York City for those four days, and they're going to be bored a lot of the time," said a Billionaire for Bush. "Right now what's sexier than politics?" asks actress Heather Grayson; Bloomberg is confident. [NYT and USAT]

Sharpton loses federal funding after exceeding personal spending limit. [LAT]

Heinz Co. PAC gives more money to Republican candidates; equal amounts in presidential race. [WP]

[AFP/Paul Richards]


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