Election Recycling: They're Like Dogs Edition

i_think_its_supposed_to_be_let_freedom_ring_but_whatever Bush: "We pledged to end a dangerous regime, to free the oppressed and to restore sovereignty. We have kept our word." [WP and USAT]

Bush's approval rating at 42 percent, a new low, according to NYT/CBS poll. 57 percent say the country is headed in the wrong direction; 60 percent disapprove of Iraq policy, say war was not worth it. Forty percent have no opinion of Kerry, but most of those who do think he panders. [NYT]

Bush's support dependent on success in Iraq; Rumsfeld compares insurgency to Tet offensive, argues insurgents want to win the media war. What could go wrong after the transfer? "Allawi could get killed. That would be disastrous," says senior offical. [NYT]

Kerry calls for "real support -- not resolutions, not words" for Iraq, complains of Bush's states of repair and disrepair. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Schwarzenegger, McCain, Cheney, Zell Miller to have prime-time slots at GOP convention; Pataki to introduce Bush; at the DNC, Clinton opens. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Black Democrats warn Kerry not to take them for granted; complain about his pale-faced campaign. [WP]

Kerry seeks support of business executives, touts approval of Iacocca, Buffett, Jobs. [WSJ]

Milbank says by discrediting its own memos and reports, it's "the administration vs. the administration." [WP]

Romney fills in for Kerry at Boston gathering. [NYT and WT and BG]

Kerry collects over $1 million at Baltimore fundrasier. [USAT]

Jason Miner, head of DNC oppo-research: "There's an arrogance to [the administration] that suggests they believe they should not be accountable." Shows great respect for employees: "They're like dogs -- they'll bite anyone, you just have to point them in the right direction." [WP][AFP/HO/Eric Draper]


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