Election Recycling: This Crazy Idea That the Constitution Means Something

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Candidates keep focus on national security as they offensively jet between Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. Cheney to visit Hawaii; KE04 optimistic about Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Rove predicts victory, says "the next five days are critical." Kerry will stick to explosives charge as long as it works. [WP, NYT, USAT, LAT, WT]

Springsteen draws spirited crowd of 80,000 in Madison for Kerry, perhaps the largest gathering in state history. Springsteen: "I believe the essential ideas of American identity are what's at stake. . . The future is now, and it's time to let your passions loose." [WP, LAT]

BC04 admits doctoring image of military crowd in commerical. BC04 releases negative ad claiming Kerry voted against funding for "war on terror"; KE04 offers hopeful message "if you believe." [WP, LAT, BG]

Bush, in interview, says he's "very at peace with this campaign." Bush: "This campaign boils down to a matter of trust: Who has earned the trust of the American people? Who do they believe in? Who do they believe can fight and win the war on terror and keep America secure?. . . The American people are very wise. They're able to detect whether somebody is trying to fool them or not." [USAT]

Kerry, in interview, calls BC04 "very negative, hot-button"-driven. Kerry: "It's always difficult with an incumbent president. Remember, Bill Clinton won (in 1992) with 43% of the vote. I have to win with more." [USAT]

Video shows troops with missing explosives; intelligence photos released show trucks leaving site before invasion. [NYT, LAT, WT]

Campaigns seek to widen support. Voting blocs -- Jews, Arabs, youth, women, minorities, educated, and rural residents -- could vote unconventionally; even small shifts could tip battlegrounds. [WSJ, WSJ]

Republicans continue to challenge eligibility of voters, especially in Ohio, as civil rights groups, Democrats cry foul. [WP, WP, NYT, LAT, BG]

With popularity of early voting, dynamics shift and get-out-the-vote drives become half-month sprint. Senior votes today: "I don't know if I'll die tomorrow." [NYT]

Administration seeks to limit enforcement of Help America Vote Act to DOJ employees. [LAT]

DOJ dispatches 1,090 election monitors to 25 states. [WP]

Edwards not up to challenge of fending off conservative trend in North Carolina. [NYT]

Candidates conduct interviews for Univision variety show. [WSJ]

Broward resend thousands of ballots. Parties prepare to scrutinize incidents; 3,000 attorneys for Kerry ready to pounce. [NYT, USAT]

Yucca could tip Nevada for Kerry. Kerry: "How many broken promises do you need, Nevada?" [WP]

Florida flooded with adverts. [NYT]

Turnout deemed vital in Ohio, but voters not enticed by bombardment of ads, messages. [LAT, BG]

Success of war on terror difficult to assess. [LAT]

Cameron Kerry -- cuter, curly, and Jewish -- surprises Jewish voters in swing state synagogues, delis, etc. [LAT]

FEC rules campaigns can raise unlimited amounts of non-corporate donations for recount. [NYT, LAT]

Nader in 'til the end; 1% could still make the difference. [NYT, WSJ]

Badnarik: "We have this really crazy idea that the Constitution actually means something." [LAT]

Thompson downplays flu-shot shortage. [WSJ]

143m registered voters expected to strain process; registration up to 71% of voting-age population. [USAT, USAT]

Many Europeans, against Bush and against providing assistance in Iraq under Kerry, see race as lose-lose and dangerous to transatlantic relations. [NYT]

Glenda Hood, the new Katherine Harris. [NYT]

National Education Association spends $1m on pro-Kerry mailings. [WT]

Online betting on the election grows; nonprofit offers $20,000 to person who can guess minute the race will be decided. [LAT, LAT]

Christian pop tour aims to "redeem the vote." [WP]

Workplaces increasingly political. [LAT]

[Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters]


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