Election Recycling: This Is a Disaster Edition

whats_that_smell Kerry campaign returns $2,000 check from embattled son of former South Korean president; says they were unaware of his background. [BG and WP]

Christian Coalition revival centered on gay marriage. Says a reverend in Ohio, "People see that there's something greater at stake here with gay marriage. It's a crucial time in the cultural war, and I'm telling people to 'Vote your Bible.'" [WSJ]

Kerry vacations in exclusive Nantucket, despite some Democrats' concern of appearing elitist. David Wade: "Let Kerry be Kerry... He'll be America's most active president since Teddy Roosevelt." [NYT and LAT]

Bush campaign promotes new job growth numbers in swing states. Bush: "This week we received more good news showing that our economy is gaining momentum." [WSJ and USAT]

AFL-CIO energized against Bush, for jobs: "We're hitting more than 400,000 union households in Pennsylvania in June because this November is that important to us." [WP]

Kerry concerned about rumor mill: "I'm standing here thinking that I'm going to read a headline in the paper tomorrow � Kerry Busy Interviewing 2,500 Candidates for the Vice President of the United States." [USAT]

Kerry's decision-making process described as deliberate, diligent: "Those who have observed him up close describe a man who is fundamentally more pragmatic than ideological, who delves into details, and who often surprises new aides by arguing his opposition's case, when in fact he is merely playing devil's advocate." Kerry says he follows Socratic methods. [LAT]

E-voting criticized; many seek paper trail. Law professor: "From a civil rights perspective, this is a disaster. It will continue the disenfranchisement that disproportionately affects less-educated, disabled, and non-English-proficient voters." [BG]

Interest groups target ads with precision. Says professor, "The closer you bring a message to individual voters, the more likely they'll be to pay attention to it." [USAT]

[Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters]


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