Election Recycling: Those Drunken Deibold Machines Edition

that secret service guy does not trust youKerry adapts "high-risk" strategy of scaring voters. Consultant: "It's definitely riskier, because. . . nobody wants to think about beheadings, casualties or fatalities." [WP]

Bush gaining in Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia; Kerry appears to have forfeited Missouri, but leads in Michigan, Washington, Maine. New Jersey now one of nine competitive states. [NYT]

CIA officials assess Iraq policy as "disaster" that is "definitely not improving": "The best we can hope for is a semi-failed state hobbling along with terrorists and a succession of weak governments." [WP]

Kerry, Bush share long-term commitment to Iraq and agree on many goals. [WP]

Bush urges supporters to "set partisanship aside" and donate to hurricane relief. [WP]

Post-debate spin crucial to winning media cycle. Saletan: "You remember what's repeated to you on TV or in the papers. It decides everything." [WP, USAT]

George, Laura go soft on "Dr. Phil" today. [WP]

Supporters depending on Kerry's reputation as a strong closer. Consultant: "When he realizes, 'I could lose this if I don't do something more forceful,' then he comes to life and is able to finish off an opponent." [NYT]

Edwards makes first campaign stop in New Jersey as polls tighten. [NYT]

Tens of thousands of Americans overseas may not receive ballots in time; group of 3.9 million frustrated by complicated process. [NYT]

Bush: "I fulfilled my duty, and was honorably discharged." [BG]

Candidates lower expectations, get beauty rest for big night; spontaneity unlikely. Both have impressive debate records from the past races. [BG, WSJ, LAT, LAT]

Rhetoric on Iraq boils as debate nears. [LAT]

Kristen Breitweiser travels with Edwards: "I would love to have heard President Bush and the Republicans in Congress say, 'Here's what we'll do better.' But they didn't do that." [WP]

Soros, worried about Kerry's prospects, donates more money and time: "If I could contribute to repudiating Bush's policies it would be the greatest good deed I could do for the world." [WP, NYT, LAT]

Pollsters under fire. MoveOn reports Gallup's methodology favors Bush. [WP, NYT, USAT]

DHS warns debates could be terrorist target. [WSJ]

Cheney cautions: "The terrorists will escalate their attacks both here at home and overseas, and the likelihood will increase that they will eventually acquire weapons of mass destruction to use against us." [LAT]

Sharp disagreements over effectiveness of tax cuts. [LAT]

FEC to appeal federal judge regarding fundraising regulations. [WP, NYT]

Solid states ignored by candidates focusing on swingers. Chicago resident: "I think we're being treated like the ugly stepsister." [NYT]

Foreigners favor Kerry. [WP]

Teresa under the radar, for Kerry's sake. [USAT]

Campaigns embrace new popularity of early voting. [USAT]

Candidates try to blend in with commoners. [USAT]

Crawford newspaper endorses Kerry. [NYT]

Diebold voting machines found on street, in Baltimore bar. [USAT]

[REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque]


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