Election Recycling: Tougher, Longer Edition

picking_up_signals_from_home_planetBush pays Easter visit to wounded troops: "It was a tough week last week, and my prayers and thoughts are with those who paid the ultimate price for our security. It's hard to tell [when the violence will ebb]. I just know this: that we're plenty tough and we'll remain tough. . . I pray every day there's less casualties. But I know what we're doing in Iraq is right. . . And it's hard work." [WP and NYT]

Bush says August 6th PDB lacked specifics: "Of course we knew that America was hated by Osama bin Laden. That was obvious. The question was, who was going to attack us, when and where and with what?" Kerrey calls for release of more PDBs. [WP and NYT]

Kerry will introduce "misery index" to illustrate suffering of middle-income families. [LAT and USAT]

Kerry receives communion at a nontraditional church, despite pressure from Roman Catholic leaders. [NYT and BG]

Teresa Heinz Kerry plans to continue her philanthropic work as first lady. "Washington is a brutal place and people are subject to incredible scrutiny. They don't understand what it is like at the center of such scrutiny. And once they are in it, they change. That is the reality of the political system," said an ethics expert. [LAT]

The media won't stop playing the Kerry-McCain game; McCain: "No, no and no." Kerry urged to seek balance. [WP and WT and WT]

Dean: "Ralph Nader once said that your best teacher is your last mistake. Too many of us learned the consequences of not standing together four years ago. This November, we can elect a president who fights for average Americans. But we can achieve this goal only if we join together � and don't repeat our last mistake." [NYT]

Kerry runs on energy of a united Democratic party. Jim Jordan: "People are working together as never before." [BG]

Kerry attacked by Republicans for French connections. [BG]

Bush's speeches are getting longer. [USAT]

Karen Hughes is "desperately needed," says Bush-41's political director; Rove denies critics' claim that women are a facade for an extremist administration. [LAT]

Some in Silicon Valley see Kerry's position on outsourcing as bad business; Bush does well among the techies. [NYT]

Kerry is Google-bombed. [USAT]

Campaigns mean more than their result. "More often than ever these days, political operatives go on to lobby in the post-election season. The better that political consultants do during an election, the more lobbying clients they can attract when the election is over," said the director of American University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies. [WP]

[Rice attempts to kill media. . . with her mind! AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais]


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