Election Recycling: Turn out the Lights, the Party's Over Edition

dnc the party is over.jpg Kerry accepts nomination: "We have it in our power to change the world again, but only if we're true to our ideals - and that starts by telling the truth to the American people. That is my first pledge to you tonight. As president, I will restore trust and credibility to the White House." [WP, NYT, BG, USAT, LAT]

Focus on values and strength, with latter mentioned 17 times: "I defended this country as a young man, and I will defend it as president." [WP, NYT, BG, USAT, LAT, LAT]

DNC steps up with fundraising goal of $100 million, ad buy as KE04 is limited to federal funds. [NYT, BG, BG, LAT]

Bush, Cheney to highlight domestic issues, results with intensive tour of swing states; proposal to increase availability of flextime. [NYT, WP, USAT, LAT]

GOP response: "John Kerry missed an opportunity to help the American people understand his vote for the war in Iraq based on the same intelligence that the president viewed, his description of himself as an antiwar candidate and his subsequent vote against troops on the front lines. He's right, America can do better." [LAT]

Giuliani joins Republican offensive: "Don't tell me they aren't on the far liberal wing of their party if they did [vote for the war, against the appropriations]. That's pretty obvious, although they want to run away from it." [NYT, USAT]

The buzz is in the bounce. Critic: "We all went down the road to hell by all but handing the nomination to Howard Dean by relying on poll numbers. People outside the bubble are not talking about the bounce. It's a media obsession." [WP]

Kerry wants Democrats to be as trusted for war and defense. Clark: "Anyone who tells you that one political party has a monopoly on the best defense of our nation is committing a fraud on the American people." [WP, NYT, USAT]

Kerry, under network pressure, rushed through applause lines with eye on the clock. [WP]

Democrats accuse Bush of reckless spending. [NYT]

Kerry pledges to gain allies with Iraq. [NYT]

Kerry's children soften image of war veteran. [NYT, USAT]

Democrats, even antiwar delegates, united to win. Rothenberg: "Everybody wants to beat Bush. Everybody smells victory." [BG, BG]

Kerry seemed happy. [NYT]

Lieberman says Americas are "yearning to cast a vote, not of protest, but of promise." [USAT]

Conservatives question Vietnam footage, charge Kerry staged scenes from war zone. [NYT]

Kerry's space suit photo op a feat within industry of imagery: "As a general rule, anyone aspiring to be the commander in chief should always try to avoid looking like a Teletubby." [WP]

Biden: "Today, we are rightly confident in the example of our power. But we have forgotten the power of our example." [USAT]

Rendell on scripted convention: "'Everything gets polled, and clean coal energy polls well,' except with 'environmentalists who believe clean coal energy is an oxymoron.'" [WP]

527s on defensive in Boston. [WP]

Two Americas evident between delegates; 14% have household incomes over $200,000. [NYT]

Democrats in Virginia optimistic. [WP]

Young liberals with money converge on Boston. [NYT]

3 arrested during minor confrontation with protesters. [WP, BG, NYT]

Blue is favored tie color; Kerry wears red. Trial consultant: "Blue is now the color of confidence and dependability. Since it's the opposite of screaming red, blue gives the appearance that the person speaking knows what they're talking about." [LAT]

Morning briefings for delegates tend to be a drag. [WP]

Balloons slow to drop: "Come on guys, let's move it!" [BG, USAT]

Politicians maneuver for Kerry's seat. [NYT]

Bar was set high by pundits. [LAT]

Ratings for Edwards' speech down from Monday. [LAT]

Blogs exit Boston. [LAT, LAT]

[AP Photo/Laura Rauch]


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