Election Recycling: Unless There Is Some Major Public Lynching Edition

in_flightRumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq. [WP]

Rumsfeld weighs resignation, finds comfort in routine. Victoria Clarke: "This isn't your typical, run-of-the-mill Washington scandal. This is a really, really serious issue, with strategic importance to the country." [NYT]

Kerry steps up criticism of Iraq handling; accuses Bush of overseeing an "extraordinarily mismanaged and ineptly prosecuted war." Republicans attack Kerry for politicizing the war. [WP and NYT and LAT]

P.R. experts offer advice on release of more abuse photos. Carville: "What they should do is exactly the thing I wouldn't want them to do -- I wouldn't want to pick up the paper to the headline, 'Rumsfeld Resigns.' A side of me is pulling for Rummy. [But] unless there is some major public lynching -- and no one short of Rumsfeld seems to qualify -- people are going to be pretty skeptical." [WSJ]

Bush vows to stay the course, says beheading "reminds us of the nature of the few people who want to stop the advance of freedom in Iraq." [WT]

Bush's new Spanish-language ad ties Kerry to education unions, attacks him on trust. [WP and LAT]

"W Stands for Women" project aims to attract single and suburban women concerned about safety to the GOP. [WP]

Kerry seeks to capitalize on voters' trust of Democrats with health care. [WP]

Soft money ruling divides FEC; GOP plans to start 527s to defeat Kerry. [WSJ and USAT]

Nader wins Reform Party endorsement, access to seven states' ballots; has not decided to accept. [NYT and LAT]

James Dobson, influential evangelical leader, establishes political organization to register conservative voters, rallies against same-sex marriage. [NYT]

Ellen Malcolm, top Democratic fundraiser, has helped raise $38 million for ACT and the Media Fund. [NYT]

Companies that distribute prescription drug cards donated $1.8 million to Republican candidates this year. [NYT]

Democratic Representatives call for resignations at FDA for allowing politics to make decision on Plan B. [WP]

[REUTERS/David Hume Kennerly]


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