Election Recycling: Very Emotional Edition

like you arent thinking it History says Bush should focus on himself, not opponent. "If you look at the Bush campaign strategy, it looks as though they are trying harder to undermine Kerry than sell people about Bush. But if people aren't feeling good about the incumbent, it is very hard for him to sell voters on the idea that voting for the challenger would make the situation even worse," says an expert in presidential elections. [LAT]

Kerry and Bush point fingers as gas prices hit record highs. [NYT]

Bush defends Israel's assassination of Hamas leader as Israel's "right to defend herself from terror." He adds, the Middle East is "a troubled region and the attacks were troubling. There needs to be a focused, concerted effort by all parties to fight terror." [WP]

Democrats accuse the GOP of making gay marriage a divisive election issue by pushing the bill closer to the election. Daschle: "I think that there are those who are advocating this legislation, this constitutional amendment, in an effort to polarize and to divide the country in ways that can be very emotional." [WP]

Kerry uses report that Medicare will be broke by 2019 as ammunition against Bush: "Today, the Medicare trustees have reported that because of George Bush's irresponsible tax breaks for the wealthy and his giveaway to the prescription drug companies, Medicare might not even be there for our generation." The report partly blames Bush's policies. [WP and WT]

Bush: "The facts are these: George Tenet briefed me on a regular basis about the terrorist threats to the United States of America. And had my administration had any information that terrorists were going to attack New York City on September 11, we would have acted." [WT]

Clinton and Bush administrations faulted by 9/11 panel; Rice pressed to testify; Clarke testifies today. [WP and WP]

Kerry waits for copy of Clarke book before issuing comment. Says Ketchum bookseller: "Nobody around here is worried about it, probably including John Kerry. Around here, we have a saying about Ketchum time. You don't see a watch here, do you?" [LAT]

Kerry often advocated for Massachusetts firms and his donors, though "even his corporate donors describe his regulatory stances as unpredictable." [NYT]

Liberal groups aim to keep Kerry competitive in ad spending. "It's increasingly clear that Democrats will have enough money to stay competitive and be heard throughout the spring and summer. We're not spending as much [as Bush] but we don't have to. We just have to spend it in the right place," said Jim Jordon, an advisor. [WP]

Group of black pastors join to protest gay marriage: "To equate a lifestyle choice to racism demeans the work of the entire civil rights movement. People are free in our nation to pursue relationships as they choose. To redefine marriage, however, to suit the preference of those choosing alternative lifestyles is wrong." [WT]

[Doesn't he know he's going to catch her gay? AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais]


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