Election Recycling: We Can Move This Thing

insert leid joke hereELECTION EVE

Candidates campaign wildly, unable to detect break or trend in dead heat. Bush: "Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin -- these are all states I did not win last time that I believe I'm going to carry this time." McCurry: "We are confident; we are going to bring this home." [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ, BG]

NYT/CBS poll shows increase in approval of Bush and right-direction numbers; $60m in adverts dropped in last week; USAT finds Kerry lead in Ohio, Florida. [NYT, USAT]

Swarms of supporters begin mobilization drives in battleground states. "Weekend blitz" follows months of preparation; BC04 spends $125m on effort. [WP, NYT, WSJ]

Bush, "swinging his arms like a samurai warrior," confidently expresses "boyish humor and enthusiastic impatience." Hughes: "He turned to me several days ago and he said, 'Do you think John Kerry's enjoying himself?'. . . And he said, 'Well, I'm really having a good time.'" [NYT]

Kerry lightens up, puts Wade in mock headlock: "Not bad for 30 points down in New Hampshire, eh?" Candidate watches Indiana Jones trilogy, dresses as "future president" for Halloween; Shrum in cheesehead. Vanessa: "I did the hand gestures he does on stage, and he recognized it, and he absolutely cracked up laughing, to the point where he couldn't breathe." [NYT, USAT]

"Cherub-faced" Rove "feeling very good": "I can tell you this: The undecideds are more likely to be conservative and moderate than they are liberal. They're virtually all white, they're more women than men, they're more churchgoing than not churchgoing, and the president's job approval among those people is 49 or 50 almost every night and by a margin of 18 points they think the president is going to win. . . all the factors in the poll lead me to believe that they will break our way." [NYT]

Kerry, in final visit to New Hampshire, tells crowd: "You have no idea how beautiful you look from up here." Walter Shapiro predicts Kerry win. [USAT]

Clinton visits Arkansas, bringing hope of surprise win: "It's not too late; we can move this thing." [WP, NYT]

Voters anxious: 80% of African Americans expect intimidation; charges of fraud, intimidation already common in numerous states; DOJ enters Ohio. [NYT, NYT, LAT]

Edwards, going door-to-door, hits home. [NYT, USAT]

Florida: four years of brewing emotions, polarization leading up to tomorrow. Bush depends on ground game; 1.5m new voters; "I feel like I live in a Third World country," said voter missing her absentee ballot. [WP, USAT, USAT, LAT]

Will Christian conservatives turn out? Norquist: "You couldn't ask for a candidate who is more publicly identified with people of faith than President Bush. If they don't turn out inordinately for Bush, it would just become known that these guys don't vote." [NYT]

Religious leaders push vote with non-endorsement endorsements. [NYT, LAT]

Gays galvanized by same-sex marriage; Human Right Campaign sees jump in members, donations. [WP]

D.C.-area election officials brace for high turnout, new voters, untested technology. [WP]

Texas: Margin of Bush's win uncertain. [NYT]

Israel: Campaigns reach 100,000 estimated voters. [NYT]

Iowa: Kerry sees slight momentum. [NYT]

Foreign leaders prefer Bush to continue status quo. [WSJ]

Some voters remain undecided. [LAT]

Overwhelmed local media often ignores Cheney. [NYT]

Surrogates blabber all over television. [WP]

Candidates omit facts that don't benefit their case. [LAT]

Conventional wisdom out the window: "This most unpredictable of campaigns — still stubbornly knotted in its last hours — has demolished any number of truths the political cognoscenti once held to be self-evident." [LAT]

Networks assure they'll be cautious. [LAT, WSJ]

Lynne says granddaugther, dressed in skeleton mask, is "John Kerry's health plan." [LAT]

"Stolen Honor" shown repeatedly this weekend as an infomercial on Pax. [LAT]

Brownstein credits Bush's base with his consistent poll position. [LAT]

527s backed by 45 million-dollar-plus donors. [LAT]

Candidates would pursue similar war on terrorism. [USAT]

Nader campaign has $100,000 in debt. [USAT]

For prisoners, voting is something to get excited about: "There's almost a childlike excitement here." [NYT]

Neither candidate has used television effectively, writes Shales. [WP]

Kurtz rehashes year, concludes: "Anyone who complains about not being able to find substantive reporting hasn't been looking very hard." [WP]

Redskins' loss predicts Kerry win. [WP]

Four years ago, Osama who? [USAT]

Parents of campaign staffers ready to welcome home the losers. [WSJ]

Poll hours. [USAT]

[REUTERS/Lucy Pemoni]


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