Election Recycling: We Must Have Malaise! Edition

Someones_enjoying_this_a_little_too_muchKerry: "I think the approach of this administration has been consistent and stubborn in the way that it persists in this American occupation and in proceeding down its own road. It has made that mistake from Day One, and it is costing us money and I think it is costing us lives." Racicot says comments undermine the U.S. effort. [WP and NYT]

Bush shifts policy and backs Israel's claim to occupied areas of the West Bank: "The realities on the ground and in the region have changed greatly over the last several decades, and any final settlement must take into account those realities and be agreeable to the parties." [WP and NYT]

Kerry on Bush's Middle East annoucement: "I think that could be a positive step. What's important obviously is the security of the state of Israel, and that's what the prime minister and the president, I think, are trying to address." Move could increase Bush support among Jews; Palestinians denounce the policy: "We reject this, we will not accept it." [WP and WP]

CIA blamed by 9/11 panel; Tenet admits mistakes. Report that Tenet never talked to Bush in August 2001 later deemed inaccurate. [WP and WP and NYT]

Bush aides laugh at insistence he apologize; lack of remorse was well-coordinated: "We must return to the days of Jimmy Carter!" We must have malaise! We must have a weak president! We must have a morose Kerrylike apology!" Lockhart: "The president is always given the benefit of the doubt on issues of war and peace. The more he takes the position of, `Everything I've done is right and nothing is my fault,' the less credibility he has in making the case." [NYT and WSJ]

Kerry's attacks on Bush's credibility could bring scrutiny of Kerry's inconsistency. Rothenberg: "It doesn't merely take on the president on one issue, or one subject or one decision. If successful, it undercuts him across the board." Matthew Dowd: "They're swimming way upstream on this one." [LAT]

BC04 decreases ad spending: "We always said there was a window of opportunity for framing the race. We feel that window is closing, and we don't want to waste our resources." [WP]

Undecided voters still undecided; Bush considered a likeable, strong leader, who is reckless and arrogant; Kerry is called smart but inconsistent. [WSJ and WT]

Some Bush supporters raise concerns about Iraq. [BG]

FEC ruling on 527s is unlikely to affect 2004 race. [LAT]

Cheney warns China about pressuring Hong Kong, talks of North Korea's nuclear program. [WP and NYT]

Hillary tells Kerry how to read to children: "John, make sure he can see that. . . John, turn it around one more time." [NYT and LAT]

Bush keeps promise to jog around the South Lawn with wounded soldier. [WT]

Kerry's lead grows in New York; Bush's approval rating down to 40%. [USAT]

[If we couldn't see both of Kerry's hands, I'd think something was up. . . AP Photo/Steven Senne]


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