Election Recycling: Welcome NYT Readers!

its the secret puppet government handshakeBush, Kerry practice spinning WMD report. Bush: Hussein "retained the knowledge, the materials, the means and the intent to produce weapons of mass destruction." Edwards: Bush, Cheney "need to recognize that the Earth is actually round." [WP, NYT, LAT, LAT, BG]

Hundred-plus "uncommitted voters," selected by Gallup, to participate in tonight's debate. Questions reviewed by Charles Gibson, no variations allowed. Candidates can only move within designated area and "may not overlap." [WP, BG]

Bush's dependence on choreographed events likely to put him at disadvantage during unscripted debate tonight. Scholar: "His handlers think they're doing him a favor, but they're not." [WP, USAT, LAT]

New Bush rhetoric disregards facts. Scholar: "It's a matter of taking sentences out of context or parts of sentences out of context. And it's hard for journalists to write the context back in because it takes time." [NYT]

Bush can lean on his likeability tonight; Kerry, not so much, can try to humanize image. [WSJ, USAT]

Bush's decision to stick with tax cuts in face of deficits will be permanent legacy. [WP]

Edwards, in New Jersey, attacks the administration for homeland insecurity. [NYT]

From Rumsfeld down, Pentagon aims high with goal of 100% voter participation. [NYT]

BC04 thinks Wisconsin's 20-year Democratic itch can be scratched for 10 electoral votes. Scholar: "It's clearly a place that's going to be close until the bitter end. The 527s are here because it's a competitive race and because it's cheaper to play here." [LAT]

BC04 reduces ad spending in Washington. GOP state chairman: "Look at a map and you see clearly that the West Coast and the Northeast are very different from the rest of America." [LAT]

Petitions for Nader shady; thousands of signatures invalid. [NYT]

Bush, Kerry staunchly split on negotiating with North Korea. [BG]

Job-creation solutions overlook root causes. [BG]

On marine base in Iraq, all but one support Bush: "I think 'W' is the man." [BG]

Kerry was a worldly thinker at a young age. In 1954, "I became profoundly intrigued by global confrontation." [WP]

Bush's dislike of regulations traced to his own "entrepreneurial spirit" in Texas. [NYT]

Red, blue neighbors represent red, blue nation. Homeowner: "The driveway offers a weird analogy. It's a symbol of the weird cooperation we have to have, even though we're so opposed to each other in other ways. . . Those Bush signs pushed me over the edge." [LAT][Eric Draper/White House/Handout]


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