Election Recycling: Who Cares About Honor Edition

if_i_shut_my_eyes_maybe_abu_ghraib_will _go_awayBush delivers stump speech to Republican lawmakers to increase morale. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Kerry raises twice as much as Bush in April, a third online; Bush has $71.6 million on hand to Kerry's $28 million. [WP and LAT and NYT]

Pelosi: "I believe that the president's leadership in the actions taken in Iraq demonstrate an incompetence in terms of knowledge, judgment and experience." [USAT]

Bush accuses Kerry of "playing politics with national security" in new negative ad run. [USAT]

Kerry attacks Bush's proposed education cuts; Lynne Cheney responds. [LAT and USAT]

Frist to campaign against Daschle in South Dakota. Byrd: "Who cares about honor when a Senate seat might be gained?" [LAT]

Eight state attorneys urge Bush to investigate gas prices. [WSJ]

Candidates make rounds for commencement speeches. [USAT]

Laura Bush as rescurer. Said first lady biographer, "Unlike Hillary, Laura Bush is benign; she hasn't upset anyone or cut into her husband's political capital, and many feel her behavior has been exemplary. . . she is more popular than the president, and she's out there because he is in trouble." [BG]

Ad executives express mixed reactions to campaign ads. [WSJ]

Financial companies plan to shower GOP lawmakers during convention. [NYT]

[AFP/File/Luke Frazza]


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