Election Recycling: Yeah, Why Don't We Just Go Home Edition

im_thinking_im_thinking Support for war is down in NYT/CBS poll: 47 percent say U.S. did the right thing, down from 63 percent in Dec.; Bush's approval rating down to 46 percent; approval rating for handling of Iraq is 41 percent, down from 59 percent in Dec.; 61 percent of voters say Kerry panders to them; 32 percent of Kerry supporters strongly favor him, versus 55 percent for Bush; 46 percent say U.S. should withdraw from Iraq. [NYT]

Bush, Cheney set for 9/11 Commission meeting today; 9/11 threat to Air Force One to be questioned. Bush: "I look forward to the discussion. I look forward to giving the commissioners a chance to question both of us. . . It will be a good opportunity for people to help write a report that hopefully will help future presidents deal with terrorist threats to the country." Kerrey says meeting will lack "drama." [WP and WT]

Democrats see opportunity in Specter's narrow victory; Specter distances himself from Bush. [WP and NYT]

Gore donates $6 million from 2000 fund to Democratic committees. [WP and NYT]

Bush plans bus tour of battleground states next week. [LAT]

Democrats attack Cheney to taint Bush; only 39 percent have favorable view of VP; Kristol: "Iraq is the issue. I can't believe [attacking Cheney is] going to move any voter." [WSJ and WT]

Lautenberg calls Cheney the "lead chicken hawk" on Senate floor. [NYT]

Study contradicts Kerry's claim of no negative ads; about a third of ad statements target Bush. [LAT]

Leaks of research on opposition is now standard campaign practice. [WP]

Kerry proposes federal spending to cause job and business growth. [WP and NYT]

Climate of Senate changes in election year; McCain: "Why don't we just go home? Why don't we just go home. . . rather than go through the charade of telling Americans we are legislating?" [WSJ]

Kerry relies heavily on Vietnam service in campaign. [LAT]

[AP Photo/Paul Sancya]


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