Election Season Gets Its First 'Gollum Army Invasion' Campaign Ad


Here is a political campaign ad that perfectly illustrates why it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between high-concept video art and complete crap, and why they are sometimes (usually) the same thing. WHUT, dear Vishnu, is any of this? Whatever it is, we like it. It's equal parts D+ horror movie trailer, Taiwanese animation and History Channel stock footage slash edited over some Hans Zimmer muzak and set on repeat for an eternal minute until like magick the mists dissolve and we are transported back to space only to learn the EPA has eaten our brains. Who is the Wizard of our brave new Oz?

This video somehow belongs to some fringe Republican "Bette Grande" character from North Dakota running for Congress, who is also apparently deathly afraid of clean water, wildlife preservation and other Environmental Protection Agency mischief. BUT, truly, doesn't it belong to all of us now? [YouTube; Thanks to Wonkette operative "Robert L." for bravely alerting us to this digital terrorism]


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