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Vegas Republican Learns Voter Fraud Is Not As Easy As Fox News Promised

Donald 'Kirk' Hartle claimed someone stole his dead wife's mail-in-ballot. That 'someone' was (allegedly!) him.

One of the grand ironies of rightwing media constantly pushing the narrative that it is extremely easy to commit voter fraud on both a personal and mass scale is that sometimes the very dimwits who believe that nonsense then go and try to commit voter fraud themselves, thinking they'll never get caught. Just ask Edward Snodgrass, a Republican Party official in Ohio, former Kansas GOP Rep. Steve Watkins, North Carolina Republican/ex-felon Leslie McRae Dowless, Bruce Bartman of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump and Kayleigh McEnany themselves, and so, so many more.

The latest to fall into this trap is Donald "Kirk" Hartle, whose whole story makes about as much sense as "Kirk" being a nickname for Donald.

After the November election, the Nevada GOP cited the fact that Hartle's wife, Rosemarie Hartle, "voted" in the 2020 election as proof that there was widespread election fraud in the state. This would have been quite the feat, as Rosemarie Hartle had been dead since 2017.

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Even Republicans Not Sure Why Democrats Keep Hoping Republicans Will Have Some Moral Epiphany

Listen to the experts, Democrats!

When Republicans blocked the latest effort to pass a Stop Republicans From Cheating bill, Democrats gave some compelling speeches about democracy and our ongoing constitutional crisis. Meanwhile, former Republican Tom Nichols couldn't understand why Democrats were acting like chumps incapable of rising to the seriousness of the moment.

He tweeted Wednesday:

I have long defended the filibuster because I think there are things that should not be decided 51/49, that should require a greater show of comity. But Barrett's confirmation, in particular, made a mockery of that idea. This is hardball. Mitch plays it. Dems must play it too.

This is no longer a civic competition between two political parties. This is a direct competition between a coalition in favor of the rule of law and liberal democracy vs a party that has become Trump's weird cult of personality and an authoritarian political movement.

The GOP is using a Senate rule to forestall legislative action against state-level authoritarian measures from a GOP base that is enraged at losing a fair election. So if it comes down to that one Senate rule or democracy itself, dump the rule and pass the bill. Mitch would.

Whenever it's suggested that Democrats should go gangster on Republicans, the predictable response is that this would alienate independent voters, whom Democrats need in order to win in 2022 and 2024. We shouldn't make former Republicans feel too bad about themselves, so let's politely lie to them about "bipartisanship."

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Let's Watch Angus King's Barn Burner Speech On Voting Rights!

'We are at a hinge of history.'

Yesterday, Senate Republicans blocked the bipartisan Stop Republicans From Cheating bill that Joe Manchin had worked so hard to craft in a way that would win approval from Republicans. This is because Joe Manchin is far more committed to the fiction of bipartisanship than to any objective reality. For all Manchin's absurd fantasies that Republicans might vote to prevent their own party from cheating, the bill itself is actually quite good, and it really ought to become law.

Tuesday, with that vote still pending, Sen. Angus King, the independent from Maine who caucuses with Democrats, delivered one hell of a speech on why we need the bill — and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act — to protect democracy from some very real threats. It was passionate in all the right ways, invoking the long struggle to make democracy work, and pointing out just how easy it is for democracies to fail. If you have 24 minutes to feel inspired about saving American democracy, give it a watch, and if you don't read what we wrote about it below!

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Professional Silly Person Michele Fiore Launches Gun-Toting Run For Nevada Gov

Heaven help us all.

Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore announced Tuesday that she's running for governor of Nevada, an American state. The press describes her as a “GOP firebrand," which is the journalistic way of saying she's off her rocker. Fiore's campaign launch video is all kinds of “woo boy." She's got a “three shot plan" for Nevada that involves her shooting at objects like an emotionally well-adjusted human.


The ad opens with Fiore arriving in the middle of nowhere in a pickup truck. That's the vehicle of choice for badass conservatives and possibly Las Vegas-area mobsters who want to dispose of a body. There's a "Trump 2024" sticker on the truck's backside, which is fitting, and Fiore boasts about her devotion to the insurrectionist in chief and constitutional scholar.

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