Elegance Maven Nancy Grace Finds These George Zimmerman / Rapper Person Fisticuffs Most Unseemly


Carrion-feeding HLN anchor Nancy Grace is not one bit happy about thisupcoming pugilistic contest between acquitted teen-shooter George "Sweet Florida Justice" Zimmerman and rapper person "DMX," who sounds like an additive you'd find in cough syrup. Grace, whose career consists of walking viewers through the sordid details of crimes -- for educational purposes, of course -- told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin Wednesday that Zimmerman's participation in the ostensible fundraiser for charity was nothing more than a tasteless attempt to gain publicity and money off of other people's misery.

We now pause for readers to take something for that irony-induced migraine that just hit.

Grace said that Zimmerman is likely to be compensated for his participation in this event. Baldwin and Grace speculated over the number of people who would be interested in beating up Zimmerman.

“The demand, I imagine, would be there,” Baldwin said.

Grace then catalogued Zimmerman's scammy "art" auctions and bizarre personal behavior since his acquittal. “Everything about him is a scam,” she summed up, which should be noted is one of the more accurate statements Grace has ever made. She went on to speculate that although the game of fisticuffs is allegedly going to be for charity, she had little doubt that Zimmerman would find a way for revenue to find its way to him:

It’s blood money,” Grace concluded. “It’s making a profit off of a crime.”

The National Federation of Pots and Kettles did not respond to a request for a comment on Grace's remarks.


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