senelevators.jpg"I Want These Motherfucking Interns Off This Motherfucking Elevator!" (NYT)

How do you cover Washington during August Recess? A good reporter knows that you do it the same way you would any other time of year: by writing pieces that could've been written at any point in the last fifteen years. Like Mark Leibovich's piece on how Senator-only elevators have too many non-Senators in them.

In it, we learn:

  • Senator Frank Lautenberg sometimes has to shove his way into them!

  • Sometimes Senators have to ride public elevators!

  • Sometimes there are tourists!

  • Hubert H. Humphrey was something of a blowhard!

There's no mention of the time in the late '90s when all the operators went home early, stranding dozens of Senators in the basement, unable to figure out how the confounded metal box they were trapped in actually worked, but the Times is kind enough to mention our favorite heart-warming Senator-only elevator tale, the magical romance between Strom Thurmond and Patty Murray.

Washington Traffic Jam? Senators-only Elevator [NYT]


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