Eliot Spitzer Is Still Interested In Politics, Which Is Illegal Of Him


  • Famed incidental ironist Bristol Palin will participate in a panel about preventing teen pregnancy. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Same sex marriage is now half-legal in Maine! Vermont is totally there in spirit but it got distracted because Ghostbusters was on teevee and also its roommate had just ordered food. [Ben Smith]
  • David Plouffe, the sociopath who regularly torments all of America by managing to send dumb emails at the exact moment when Americans are waiting for an actual important correspondence, has admitted that Boy-Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman makes him want to vomit. [HuffPost]
  • Slate intern Eliot Spitzer likes to go "talk politics" at Tina Brown's sad brunch fetes. [Daily Intel]
  • According to Vanity Fair, Caroline Kennedy dropped out of the Senate race that one time it became apparent she wasn't going to be named Senator all because her daughter told her she was too good for it. Mmm. [Gawker]

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