Eliot Spitzer Now Screwing Distressed Homeowners

Ohhhhhh! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! YipYipYipYipYipYipYipDisgraced whore-fucker Eliot Spitzer is done with this "help people with their lives" nonsense, now that he doesn't have to govern New York or shut down prostitution rings while patronizing those same prostitution rings. He is ready to earn ONE BILLION WHORE DIAMONDS by becoming a "vulture" real-estate flipper.

Spitzer is taking over the family real estate business and starting a Vulture Fund to take "advantage" of all the poor saps losing their homes to foreclosure. Real estate vultures swoop down, like vultures, and pick at the roadkill of the housing bubble collapse. [The fuck kind of twisted metaphor orgy are you doing, exactly? -- Ed.] When the market is a little better, they dump these properties back on the market, making a small profit while creating an inventory surge and causing another wave of foreclosures. It is like AIDS.

Just a few months ago, the Democrats were looking forward to making Eliot Spitzer a president of America.

Spitzer to Devote Self to Making Money [Gawker]

Spitzer Mulls Starting Vulture Fund [NYSun]


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