Elizabeth Vargas's Bush Interview: President Bush, He's Just Like Us

bush with vargas.jpg"Do you watch that show Desperate Housewives? Laura likes it. Anyway, you kinda remind me of that Eva Longoria..."

Okay, we'll 'fess up: we kind of loved Elizabeth Vargas's delightfully substance-free interview of President Bush. We analyzed some parts of the transcript earlier today; after the jump, we continue our parsing of presidential pronouncements.

Remember, these are just excerpts. You should really read the entire transcript, to get a complete sense of how inarticulate the president was -- and how, even though he was incapable of speaking in complete sentences, Vargas was fawning all over him.

After the discussion of Barbara and Jenna's would-be suitors, this exchange takes place:

BUSH: I'm uh, I do feel like they're, uh, they will be dealing with beautiful, capable women. Strong women, too, by the way. And they will

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