'Elle' Warns Readers: Rudy Will Marry, Cheat On You or Someone You Know

rudyelle.jpgElle, which is some sort of magazine for ladies and as such is usually full of, I don't know, makeup and dresses and Ani DiFranco lyrics or something, this month features a sorta lengthy story on Mr. Rudy Giuliani, the Queen of 9/11. You see, one of the things about Rudy is that he has had something like 13 wives, and cheated on each one of them with her respective successor. That's the important thing for ladies to know about him!

So the author watches 100 lady Republicans applauding Rudy and earnestly asks do they know about his gay roommate??? The problem seems to be that Giuliani wants these old southern ladies to vote for him even though he doesn't necessarily want to execute 14-year-olds who have abortions (unless they're black and poor, obv).

Also, he has a complicated relationship with women! In that he likes to fuck (and marry!) lots of them. Important information:

* Good listener.

* He's funny!

* Mommy issues.

* All of his staff is the same group of white dudes he's always hung out with, except for the token lady whom he is about to either marry or skip straight to cheating on.

* Wife Judy is apparently a Nancy Reagan Redux Control Freak Psycho. But that doesn't really matter since he'll probably have a new wife by the time he's appointed America's Opera-Lover in Chief.

This is not news to Wonkette readers, obv, but it might be to some of the ladies who read Elle but have not yet actually slept with or been married to any of the GOP candidates.

Ladies' Man [Elle]


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