Ellison & Baird Discuss Gaza, Peace, Pasta

Ellison & Baird Discuss Gaza, Peace, Pasta

Congressmen Keith Ellison and Brian Baird have returned from their little excursion to the Middle East and will talk about What They've Learned in a panel discussion,"Thinking Through a U.S. Strategy Toward Gaza," at 12:45PM on Thursday, March 5, at the New America Foundation.

Baird was "absolutely appalled" with what he experienced in Gaza and will probably talk about the need for more humanitarian aid to the region, an end to the random rocket attacks and a plan for lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, blah blah blah.

Ellison will talk about the fun stuff, like the fact that Palestinians can only get boring foreign food aid like rice and not cool food like cheese tortellini. So, hopefully he proposes like, a menu revamp.

Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation will mediate the discussion, and the lovable and kind of hot Daniel Levy will act as the respondent.

2253 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC


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