Email of the Day: Fill-in-the-Aggrieved PartyOr, How Not to Get Us to Plug Your Charity

redacted.jpgHa ha, "tree hungers."

You tree hungers Libs took time to ream our [redacted] a few months ago. Now that we are doing something that you hypocrites would normally applaud: [redacted]

Why don't give the attack a second go around and do some good for the people of [redacted]?

What's wrong? Does our cause buck your neo-cons are "bigots, racists, homophobes" mantra?

Yeah that is what we thought.

These people of [recated] thank you for nothing.

Creator of [redacted]

Here is the press release you'll never mention:[redacted]

What's especially funny is that we support the cause! We're also very, very petty.


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