Emails Suggest Rove Was Totally Up In This Attorney-Firing Business


The research goblins over at TPM and theNew York Times are busy at work devouring thousands of pages of newly released documents regarding the US attorney firing scandal. At an undetermined point in the future, these specially evolved goblins will excrete a powdery white substance and several pages of "analysis," or at least a few juicy quotes from Karl Rove about how he is guilty of unspeakable crimes against David Iglesias, the US attorney in New Mexico who was fired "for poor performance" (meaning, because he did not aggressively pursue Republican allegations of voter fraud).

But for now, here is some early effluvia from the paperwork gnomes:

  • "In a June 2005 message, Scott Jennings, a top political aide to Mr. Rove, wrote a colleague that Mr. Iglesias should be removed because Republicans in New Mexico 'are really angry over his lack of action on voter fraud stuff. Iglesias has done nothing,' it continued. 'We are getting killed out there.'”
  • "A 'very agitated' Rove told [Harriet] Miers in a 2006 phone call that Iglesias was a 'serious problem and he wanted something done about it,' according to Miers's testimony."

So basically Rove's whole "I was just passing people's complaints along, I was the messenger, do not shoot the messenger" line is turning into "I was personally responsible for all evil things, ever."

We are still waiting for the Rove-authored email promising that he will share exclusive access to Bill Clinton's legendary tentacle porn collection with the first person to fire David Iglesias.

E-Mail Reveals Rove’s Key Role in ’06 Dismissals [New York Times]

Docs Show Rove Pushed For Iglesias Firing [TPMMuckraker]


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