Embattled South Dakota AG Will Investigate Embattled South Dakota Governor. God Bless Real America!

Don't worry guys, South Dakota's got it all under control. The state's attorney general, a man known far and wide for his integrity, will investigate the unfortunate allegations regarding the governor and clear this whole mess right up. Probably just another hoax from the liberal media — you know how those people are.

LOL, or not.

On Monday the AP broke the story of Gov. Kristi Noem's apparent intervention to ensure that her daughter Kassidy Peters received her real estate appraisers license after the Department of Labor and Regulation gave her original work sample a big thumbs down.

"Listen I get it. I signed up for this job. But now the media is trying to destroy my children," she tweeted. "This story is just another example of the double standard that exists with the media... going after conservatives and their kids while ignoring Liberals #AskTheBigGuy"

That last hashtag is an attempt to make Hunter Biden's laptop happen. Because HEY LOOK OVER THERE!

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg announced that he'd be looking into the allegations against Noem.

"I have been contacted by concerned citizens and legislators," he told the AP. "I am actively reviewing their concerns and I will be following the steps prescribed in codified law in relation to those questions."

The AG is no stranger to controversy himself, after being involved in a hit-and-run accident last year on the way home from a Republican fundraiser featuring a raffle to win a handgun emblazoned with then President Trump's name. Ravnsborg, who has a history of automobile infractions, initially claimed to have hit a deer. In reality, he'd struck a pedestrian, killing the man, whose glasses were found inside Ravnsborg's car when police came to investigate. And although Ravnsborg's attorney suggested that perhaps the man was suffering from "suicidal ideation" and was to blame for his own death, it later emerged that Ravnsborg was surfing conservative websites at the time of the accident. Ravnsborg was eventually fined $1,000 and pled no contest to distracted driving, a misdemeanor.

All of which was mildly embarrassing for the South Dakota GOP. Was it as embarrassing as the governor losing her shit after her kid didn't get a state license, immediately hauling half the department in for a very stern talking to with her kid in the room, pushing out the bureaucrat in charge of said license, and finally paying her $200,000 to settle a discrimination claim? Unclear!

But Noem wanted Ravnsborg to resign, and he refused to do it. So there's no love lost between those two winners. Or, as the AP puts it, "Though Ravnsborg and Noem are both Republicans, they have become political enemies over the last year after the governor pressured Ravnsborg to resign following a car crash in which he struck and killed a man walking on a highway."


Well, looks like it's a race to see who crosses the finish line first: the attorney general who's trying to investigate the governor for possible abuse of her office, or the legislature that's trying to impeach him for killing a man with his car.

And, PS, Gov. Noem categorically denies those rumors that she's knocking boots with nasty Trumplander Corey Lewandowski,

HAHA, she's pissed about the "to the top" part, not the "sleeping." Also, she conveniently forgot to mention that the "attacks on conservative women" are coming from inside the conservative house.

Well, good luck to Gov. Noem and Bryon. Maybe their good buddy God can do them a solid and square away this whole Ravnsborg sitch quick before it tanks her chances in 2024.


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