Embryos Greet Defeat Of Virginia’s Personhood Bill With Eerie Silence


Virginia's vaginas escaped state-sanctioned 'unwanted penetration,' temporarily at least, with a proposed transvaginal ultrasound bill thoroughly collapsing under the weight ofpublic ridicule. And now the bill that would have granted any grouping of two or more cells "all the rights, privileges, and immunities" of (most) actual PEOPLE has been tabled until 2013, delivering a massive defeat to trillions of potential Virginians, who will never know how good they could have had it up here, gasping agonally along with the rest of us in these, the last days of the American Empire. So why can't the glutinous globs of cells that would have finally become 'persons' under the bill be reached for comment? Hmmmm? Rather SUSPICIOUS, wouldn't you say?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on the greatest assault on human dignity in the history of human history that, for some reason (?), the assaulted-on refuse to denounce:

By a vote of 24-14, House Bill 1 — the so-called personhood bill sponsored by Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William — was re-referred to the Senate Education and Health Committee and carried over to the 2013 legislative session.


Supporters, including anti-abortion organizations, said the legislation gave rights to the unborn and established a legal cause of action for pregnant women to sue for the wrongful death of their fetus. A GOP amendment tacked on to the bill sought to clarify supporters' contention that the legislation was not intended to regulate contraception.

But opponents — including about 300 people who gathered at the state Capitol on Thursday to rally for women's rights — decried the legislation, saying it jeopardized women seeking to become pregnant through in-vitro fertilization, threatened to criminalize contraception and laid the groundwork for a legal challenge to abortion.

YOUR SILENCE IS YOUR CONSENT, EMBRYOS! Uhmmm, did like none of you go to law school? [Richmond Times-Dispatch]


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