An exclusive report on George Clooney's National Press Club visit from our embedded operative:

From somewhere on the National Press Club's 13th floor:

So Sen. Sam Brownback and Fox's Shep Smith drew this electrifying, overflow crowd today for a discussion of Darfur. The sexual energy was palpable as....

Oh, wait....

At least 16 television cameras were in the National Press Club's Conference Room for the Clooney appearance. Reporters signed in from everywhere: Japan, Norway, Hollywood...because only press club members and credentialed reporters were being admitted, there were some long faces among young, attractively dressed women who showed up hoping for entry. A few tried the old "I'm with so and so" routine. Shep made it in without being carded. Sen. Barack Obama arrived for the holding room, and it was like: who's that, and who cares, where the hell is my George?

Nick Clooney, the father, leaned up against a wall in the back and was introduced by George, who was wearing a conservative gray suit.

"In the tradition of Hollywood, you all will be getting gift baskets," Clooney told the standing room only crowd of roughly 120. Then he added, "I'm the last person in the world who should be telling you what to do. That's what the senators are for."

So -- anyone wait for him outside and snap pictures? Huh? And how many of you were the ones trying to charm your way in with sex appeal? That shit don't fly at the Press Club, ladies.


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