Emergency Wonk'd: Jessica Simpson on Capitol Hill!

Jeez, people, calm down! We know, we know -- Jessica Simpson is on Capitol Hill!

You guys like to act all high-minded, coolly submitting sightings of such "famous-for-D.C." types as James Sensenbrenner and George Tenet. But when we throw a real celebrity into your midst, you all go apeshit!

News of Jessica's descent from Olympus, to join the mortals toiling on the Hill, has been burning up the wires in Dirksen, Rayburn, and Hart. So, to satiate your celebrity lust, here's a photo of the former Mrs. Nick Lachey, which has been making the rounds:

Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson

Look, don't get us wrong; we're thrilled that Jessica is in town too. And we think it's kinda cool that she dissed President Bush -- even though he's the leader of the free world, and she's a pop tart who hooked up with someone from Maroon 5. So if you have any more photos of Jessica, or firsthand accounts of your interaction with this slutty songstress, you know where to reach us!

Jessica Takes Washington [The Gilded Moose]

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