Emergency Wonk'd: Kitty Takes Her Coffee Alone

This is kind of the saddest thing we've ever posted.

She's back in town; must have missed the memo that the Republican Revolution is packing up and leaving town next week. Since all Members who are "not returning" have surrendered their offices today, she must be enjoying one of the numerous cubicles they have set up for her type in a banquet hall in the basement of Rayburn.

I saw her alone and in line at the Longworth Starbucks, getting some oversized latte flavored thing ["Triple Venti, no fat, no foam, extra hot, with pink sugar" --ed], and just in case she might be running on empty, two giant Diet Cokes as well. Looking proud, except for her left index finger in a splint, no doubt from excess finger pointing.

Along with many other Members ( and former Members) her portrait still graces the Longworth Starbucks. Everyone else has their stock picture shot in front of the American flag. Ms. Harris' portrait, however, has her lounging on a leather sofa, looking longly up at the camera. I really want to swipe that souvenir...

Someone please send us that picture.

Illustration: Princess Sparkle Pony


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