Eminem Hates Bush More Than You

the real slim shadyThey're calling "Mosh" Emimem's October Surprise, and though it does fall short of pulling Osama bin Laden out of his pants, it will probably affect the election as much as, say, John Kerry pulling a goose out his. Don't get us wrong -- we know how risky it is for someone in the notoriously conservative entertainment industry to come out against Bush. As Em puts it: "If I get sniped tonight/you'll know why is because I told you to fight." Riiiight. The Patriot Act is Draconian and everything, but we sort of doubt Ashcroft will come after Slim because of his little rap video. Now, if he checked out a book about how to build a bomb, that'd be different.

"Mosh" mirrors:



One Good Move



UPDATE: We totally remember that thing about Em being "investigated" by the Secret Service because he sang about wanting to "see the President dead"! Omg. That was hilarious. You think that's what he was talking about? Huh. Well, we're also pretty sure that's one of the animating factors for the video, which splashes headlines from the incident right next to news about Halliburton and tax cuts for the wealthy. Because they are all equally important.


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