Emma Edwards Betrays Father, Elizabeth Trolls Blogs

lizzing.jpgDuring an Iowa campaign stop, 9-year-old Emma Claire Edwards made her true feelings about the presidential race known.

After a brief stop at a Little League game in Beranek Park, where Emma Claire mentioned that her softball team's name is the Hawkeyes, the family ventured on to Tipton to rejoin their favorite candidate. Oh, but that's not entirely accurate -- or at least it wasn't on Saturday. When the Edwardses visited the Cedar County Democrats' tent, Mrs. Edwards asked her daughter which of the presidential candidates she liked best.

Did she point to dear old Dad? No, she pointed to Hillary Clinton. One strange political event, indeed.

This promptly made it to Drudge, of course, which overloaded and killed the "West Branch Times" website, leading to rampant panic and speculation across the internet, with frantic hoards of Googlers trying to figure out which member of the Edwards clan betrayed the patriarch.

Fictional teen and potential first-child-watcher Sparrowblog asked why so many visitors were headed to her site asking about Cate Edwards and Hillary. The ensuing debate prompted a rare visit from Elizabeth Edwards herself, who clearly trolls the sites of all wannabe First Family members, be they real, fictional, or Jackie Kucinich.

As you can see in the above comment, Liz ascribes young Emma's bold choice to the jibe of a mischievous youth, and not, say, an honest admission that, while dad is nice and all, he simply doesn't have the experience of the record necessary for the job.

Also Hillary rarely beats her for speaking her mind.

Edwards family visits Hometown Days Carnival [West Branch Times]

Cate Edwards Picks Hillary! [Sparrowblog]


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