Employers Are Sharing Times Applicants Instantly Got Rejected And I'm Like, Wow. Tabs, July 20, 2020


Do not call John Lewis a hero if you stood in his way. (Slate)

Oh yeah, speaking of Al Sharpton, he appears to be on the president's mind. (Because the president is very racist.)

No, Portland is not "under siege" by Antifa. (But that won't stop Chad Wolf and Donald Trump from taking their "set CBP on citizens" show on the road.) — OregonLive

Wait, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is trying to get a judicial order barring Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms from SPEAKING about COVID-19 orders, this is insanity.

Another tick-tock on Inside Trump's Really Completely Idiotic and Malevolent Coronavirus Response, this one featuring Deborah Birx fucking shit up — "her model-based assessment nonetheless failed to account for a vital variable: how Mr. Trump's rush to urge a return to normal would help undercut the social distancing and other measures that were holding down the numbers" as well as endorsing the idea that "death counts and hospitalization numbers could be inflated" — and also this stupid mobster shit:

At one stage, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California was told that if he wanted the federal government to help obtain the swabs needed to test for the virus, he would have to ask Mr. Trump himself — and thank him.

New York Times

What up, Rebekah Jones, cool former Florida data manager coronavirus whistleblower? Managin' some data, blowin' some whistles, Ron DeSantis fired you for not lying about data, oh, wouldn't have expected that? (Palm Beach Post)

Oh lady, I'm so sorry:

We put a sign outside — an appeal to kindness. "If you wear a mask, it shows how much you care about us." We found out how much they cared. It became clear real quick.

Washington Post

Fascinating wonktalk about Democratic neolibs and socialists and polling and all the things, sorry I made it sound boring because it is not! — Eric Levitz talks to that David Shor guy at New York mag

So, that crazy Orange County, California, Board of Education white paper that recommended opening up the schools without masks or social distancing? It was written by my old editor, who as head of an ALEC-financed think tank has been bumming me out for a lot of years now. (LA Times / Voice of OC)

Oh my God, of course he's starting a charter school under the umbrella of his goddamn Koch-tank based on anti-teachers-unionism and "non-pornographic, age-appropriate sex education." Fuck, I'm going to have to write a goddamn story. (LA Times)

Yay, it's the conspiracy theory singularity! — Anna Merlan in Vice

But are we crazier than usual? No, our paranoia measures are "entirely stable." It's just the first time a president's weaponized them. Dana Milbank talked to scientists of paranoia. (Washington Post)

LOLOLOL petty bitch moves Obama and Clinton portraits to "rarely used room." — CNN


A lovely profile of Alex Trebek. (New York Times)

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