End the Suicide Watch: Bristol Palin's Book Is Entitled 'Not Afraid of Life'

End the Suicide Watch: Bristol Palin's Book Is Entitled 'Not Afraid of Life'

What do you call a book-length "book" about a dumb, bored teenager getting knocked up in a rural Arctic wasteland?Not Afraid of Life.Not Afraid of Life is the title of Bristol Palin's book. What was that? You're not buying this book because you're expecting it to be shallow and poorly written and about a person who hasn't accomplished anything besides getting pregnant and who doesn't at all concern you? Sounds like you're afraid of life! Why are you so afraid of life? Are you afraid raising a baby will be hard? Don't be. When you have a baby, people magically appear out of thin air who will give you public speaking contracts just for having a baby and will probably pay for babysitting fees too. And all the meth you and your baby need.

According to the release, the 20-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin writes about her childhood in Alaska, “coming of age amid the media and political frenzy surrounding her mother’s political rise,” faith, life as a single mom and her public relationship with her former fiancé and the father of her child, Levi Johnston. She also recounts the “highs and lows” of competing on last season’s “Dancing With the Stars” and the criticism she faced as a contestant.

So this is an instructional manual on how to become a famous teen mother. Just get pregnant, wait for your insane mother to be plucked from obscurity to be a major political party's candidate for vice president of the United States, and enjoy your opportunity to be dumb in front of millions of Americans. [Politico Click via VF Daily]


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