English Defence League Knows What Will Stop Terrorism: Burn Down Anything That Looks Muslimy


You probably heard that terrorists murdered a British soldier in London Wednesday, and of course it goes without saying that attacking people with machetes and meat cleavers to make a political statement is pretty much the definition of Very Wrong. Unless of course you're the English Defence League, the gang of super-literate racist goons who responded to the murder by going out and trying to burn down some mosques, throwing bottles at police, and posting the image above on Facebook, saying that it was outrageous that such a monstrosity could be allowed to pollute English soil:

Idiot 1: Would look lovely in Saudi...

Idiot 2: Where is this to? [sic]

Idiot 1: This is one of the main roads down to the front in Brighton

Idiot 2: So that mosque is in Britain jesus christ the size on it!

Idiot 1: And that's not even half of it

In a tweet, Conservative Party blogger Mark Wallace, calls the conversation

"A quick reminder of the #EDL's appreciation of our national heritage: they thought Brighton Pavilion was a mosque"

The Royal Pavillion in Brighton was completed in 1811 as a seaside vacation home for notorious radical Muslim mullah King George IV. Ship it to Saudi Arabia where it belongs!

One of Wallace's readers hoped that the EDL doesn't find out about this Russian Orthodox church in Chiswick:

For our part, Yr Wonkette is concerned for the safety of any number of mini-golf courses:

Not to mention the possibility that the EDL will start smashing suspiciously Muslimy Lego sets:

[Gawker / Guardian / Twitter]

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