English Wingnuts Protect Their Beloved Land From 'Mosque' That Actually Was A KFC


From Merrie Olde Englande comes this bit of costly stupid:

A documentary is set to reveal on Monday how UK police spent £500,000 ($852,000) to control an English Defense League (EDL) far-Right protest against a planned mosque, which happened to be a KFC fast-food branch.

The BBC documentary, “Police Under Pressure,” documents how false rumors were spread that a pub was to be turned into a mosque, resulting in the protest in the city of Sheffield.

OK, but isn't the real story here that no mosque was in fact built, and so the xenophobic wingnuts of the EDL saved their city from the horrors of Creeping and Extra Crispy Sharia Law? Why don't the media recognize the good these fine yobs have done, instead of criticizing and disparaging, eh, wot?

This is not the first time that EDL supporters have slightly missed the thread on who or what to hate -- there's the geniuses who complained that the Royal Pavillion in Brighton, built in 1811 for King George IV, was an enormous mosque that belonged in Saudi, not England. And there's the ongoing freakout about halal meat, which the idiots fear will secretly sneak Islam into the food supply, because you might catch Sharia from eating chicken that someone muttered a prayer over. When you're too vile even for Pam Geller, you really need to rethink your priorities.

Spokesmen for the EDL were unavailable to comment on the new documentary as they were busy ensuring a World Cup win for their beloved England by burning down a terrorist training camp cleverly disguised as a Pakistani-owned daycare.

[Al Arabiya via alert Wonkette Operative "L.Z."]

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