Enquirer Reports: Rielle with Someone's Child [Updated]

Christ, not againWho wasn't surprised yesterday when Drudge posted a developing story about supposed Edwards-mistress Rielle Hunter being pregnant (even though it was from the National Enquirer)? Who wasn't then further surprised to see no mention of it on the NE's site until this morning (though it was re-posted here much of yesterday afternoon) and Drudge's link not working for more than 12 hours? Hrm. Interesting.

So, the Enquirer story is that supposedly Rielle was having the affair with "John" and her friends all knew and now she's knocked up [Ed. note: Condoms, people, condoms! Jesus!]. But, about a month ago, Edwards' Director of Ops/North Carolina Finance Director, Andrew Young (also married) left the campaign and moved back to Chapel Hill, where Rielle Hunter recently moved. Both Rielle and Andrew have issued statements saying that he's the father but, naturally, her "friends" who spoke anonymously with the National Enquirer totes know better.

[Ed. Note: This story was updated per an email from David Perel, the Editor in Chief of the National Enquirer, who said "Due to a website malfunction a summary of the story went live last night for a brief time. It was then taken down because it was scheduled to be released this morning. The same summary is on our site now and the entire story will be posted within minutes." Stay tuned! Probably more of Rielle's "friends" have provided the NE with even more anonymous quotes!]

John Edwards Love Child Scandal [National Enquirer]


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