Entire Country Confused by Competing Palin Books


How do you baffle a not-too-smart nation of people who aren't really much into book-learnin'? Have competing publishers release similarly-titled books about popular idiot Sarah Palin! Not even counting the "I'm buying this only forironic reasons" crowd in Brooklyn and Silver Lake, there is apparently total chaos in bookstores, as people who've only previously visited bible shops in the strip mall out by the edge of town are now pouring into the Borders and B&N or even trying their hand at "the Amazon," with pitiable results.

The New York Post reports:

A parody of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue: An American Life" has been causing huge confusion -- forcing Palin's publishers HarperCollins to take out ads to direct buyers to the official version.

Colin Robinson, co-publisher of the book, compiled by Nation magazine staffers Betsy Reed and Richard Kim, told Page Six: "We have been contacted by numerous media outlets across the country asking for interviews with Sarah Palin, or companies offering security for her while on tour.

"One Web site not only thought we were Ms. Palin's publishers but called the book 'Going Rough.'

Do not tell Andrew Sullivan about this "going rough" business! [New York Post]


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