ENUF IZ ENUF! Freaks Protest National Spelling Bee

Wonkette operative "Sarah" sends a horrifying report from the National Spelling Bee:

You know how they're having the National Spelling Bee Championship at the Hyatt at 11th and H NW -- well if you didn't that's where they have it -- across the street from my office? Anyway, there have been protesters there all week. We thought originally they were protesting the fact that parents push their kids too hard, etc, etc. But no -- check it out. They're pissed because the English language is too difficult and unfair!
Surely this is a clever prank, right? Who the fuck would protest the National Spelling Bee? Meet our new favorite nuts, the Simplified Spelling Society. They're actually carrying signs with slogans such as "I'm thru with through" and "Enuf is enuf. Enough is too much."

Says one of the picketers: "Our odd spelling retains words like cough, bough, through and though. This increases illiteracy and crime." Think about it.

Champion Spellers Discuss Life After the Spelling Bee [ABC News]


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