EPA Throws in the Towel

AP99011902179.jpgSo here's a real throwback: Congress wants to know why the EPA won't let California set its own emissions rules anymore and asked for all the documents and things relating to the decision from the EPA -- and they're actually fucking going to give Congress the documents. Whaa? What administration do you work for, EPA general counsel Roger Martella Jr., Jimmy Carter's? Where's the unyielding resistance to any kind of Congressional oversight and obsessive need for complete secrecy? How about you fucking grow a pair.

The EPA's general counsel directed agency employees in a memo to preserve and produce all documents related to the decision including any opposing views and communications between senior EPA officials and the White House, including Vice President Dick Cheney's office.

I think the Washington Post sounds as bewildered as we are. Oh, and also, gee, we can't imagine why Dick Cheney is making decisions about California air-quality. But man, what a bunch of quitters. Our guess is that the folks over at the EPA figure this one's unwinnable and don't want to be distracted from their important work dousing water fowl in oil anyway.

EPA is to Reveal Greenhouse Papers [WP]


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