• Some IDF soldiers did a funny dance while "on patrol" (trying to find flotillas to murder). This lighthearted music video makes everything better; it heals all wounds, big and small. [Telegraph]
  • The Episcopal Church is angry at the U.S. Senate for saying derogatory things about deceased terrorist Thurgood Marshall, who happens to be an Episcopal martyr. So basically the Episcopal Church, which = Hamas, put all Episcopalians on the No Fly List. [Think Progress]
  • If David Weigel was fired over a silly listserv, why wasn't Dana Milbank and his Mouthpiece Theater shot by a Utah firing squad way back when? The punishment should fit the crime. [Matt Yglesias]
  • Here is your obligatory "it's Independence Day so let's pretend whatever Thomas Jefferson said about Freedom/raping slaves is still relevant" crazy-post. [RedState]
  • Hooray, one politician has pledged to be "civil in his public discourse," so watch out Washington! [The Caucus]

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