Equal Opportunity Link-Whoring

Sometimes we're accused of being too liberal, and sometimes we're accused of being too conservative. But we think that we're "just right," based on the presence in our inbox of this message, nestled in between "Dear Blogger" emails from the Wall Street Journal.

From: Dmitry

Date: Apr 21, 2006 9:35 AM

Subject: article submission from Pravda.Ru

To: Tips

Dear editors of Wonkette.com

Pravda.Ru would like to submit this article for publication on your website:

Israel may strike Iranian nuclear facilities before the end of 2006

Best regards,



That's right, we're getting "please link to us" emails from Pravda. How cool is that? Who knew that ex-Communist superpowers on the other side of the world enjoy their politics with a side order of assfucking?

(And yes, "Dimitry" is his real name. If we were going to use a made-up Russian guy's name, we would have chosen "Sasha.")

As for the substance of the Pravda article, we're not sure how much to trust the publication that brought us, as recently as January, this headline. But if there's even a smidgin of truth to it, it's pretty damn scary.

We repeat our prior advisory: the world is coming to an end.

Israel may strike Iranian nuclear facilities before the end of 2006 [Pravda]

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