Eric Cantor Blames Wingnut Birthers On ... Liberals!


GOP rising star Eric Cantor has apparently heard about this little problem with his party -- you know, how the "Republican base" has gone batshit insane, because they hate the coloreds so much that they've decided no matter what, Barack Obama isn't "really" president because there is somethingfishy about his virgin birth in Bethlehem 6,000 years ago, because we all know a colored cannot be president of White America. Cantor's solution: Blame the librul media!

Rep. Cantor, according to his own spokesman, "finds it ironic that those most eager to talk about the President’s citizenship are in fact some of his biggest cheerleaders -- whether it’s Chris Matthews or others on MSNBC, the Huffington Post, or camera toting liberal bloggers chasing people through the streets of Washington.”

WTF, really? The birthers have been at this for TWO YEARS, long before Obama had the nomination, let alone the presidency. It was a full year ago that Obama's campaign provided the whatever-you-want-to-call-it (Certified Placenta of the Pineapple King of the Sandwich Islands?), and it is only because these people will not shut up that finally, during the comical slowest news month of the year, that the evil Liberal Media finally picked up on what shit-for-brains clowns like Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs are saying on the cable news EVERY NIGHT.

Eric Cantor Rips Chris Matthews, MSNBC, HuffPo, Liberal Bloggers For Inflating Birther Story [Plum Line]


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